John Kalal admits Pete Arnold is Zeeboid the internet troll

Behold, the man known as Zeeboid!

Behold, the man known as Zeeboid!

Pete and Alisha Arnold are sticking to their story. is a real internet vote to determine if they should abort their pregnancy and not, as we discovered ample evidence of last week, an anti-abortion hoax. So today we drove the icy road to Apple Valley once more to get the Arnolds to explain themselves or just acknowledge that Pete Arnold is right-wing internet troll Zeeboid.

Although we were rebuffed yet again at the door, we inched closer to the truth about Zeeboid.


We once again talked to John Kalal, the same friend who answered the door when we came calling last week. He's still on door duty taking info from reporters and still wouldn't let us speak to the Arnolds.

But as for the name on Pete Arnold's vanity plate on the blue Neon still parked in the driveway?

"It's just his internet handle," said Kalal. "It's his own personal thing."

Well, there you have it -- someone in real life acknowledges Pete Arnold has an online identity known as Zeeboid. And Zeeboid, we know, has lots of interesting ideas about abortion being murder not to mention a tendency to mess with Wikipedia entries that dispute his conservative viewpoints. As for John Kalal, he turns out to be quite the character himself. We've got his mugshot and rap sheet, and it's hardly the sterling resume you'd expect from the spokesman of a not-at-all-fake online abortion poll like

UPDATE: John Kalal's mugshot: Meet the wholesome spokesman for

UPDATE 2: Alisha Arnold loses job after BirthOrNot hoax

The Birthornot Files:

Zeeboid is Pete Arnold's internet handle.

Zeeboid is Pete Arnold's internet handle.