John Kaarbo plans to marry girlfriend who stabbed him

John Kaarbo plans to marry girlfriend who stabbed him
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You know those nights when things get a little "crazy," a little "out of control," or just "drunk and dumb"? For John Kaarbo, that night ended with his girlfriend stabbing him twice with a butcher knife. That was Nov. 28.

Now Kaarbo says everything is great and the two are getting married. It will be a good story to tell the kids!

On Nov. 28, police were called to a Solway Township home. Shawn Marie Melton, 45, had called police and said her and Kaarbo, 41, were fighting and being "drunk and dumb".

When police arrived, they found Kaarbo on the couch, holding his chest. He had two stab wounds to his torso and claimed Melton stabbed him. After she stabbed him once, he told her to stab him again to finish him off. So she did it.

Kaarbo's injuries were so severe that he was listed in critical condition and could have died from his injuries. Melton wasn't injury-free either. She had two black eyes, a broken nose and bumps on the back of her head. Sounds like a classic "drunk and dumb" night to us too.

Melton pleaded guilty in May to first-degree assault. She was ordered to serve 60 days in a female offender program and a five-year probation. She has to avoid booze and drugs.

We'd personally take this moment to say sayonara to this woman. But Kaarbo says he forgave his girlfriend and they are now engaged to be married. They have both been sober since that incident.

Happily ever after!

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