John Johnson shows off $240,000 "executive protection dog" in the New York Times

Not your average executive canine companion.

Not your average executive canine companion.

This whole Seal Team 6 dog crush has jumped the shark.

Did you know there's a company that sells "executive protection dogs" that can cost more than what most folks pay for a home in the Twin Cities? The New York Times just profiled a guy named John Johnson on his "15-acre estate outside Minneapolis," who bought one.


John Johnson, who got rich and evidently made enemies when he ran a debt collection business called the Northland Group, bought the pooch from a guy South Carolina who used to train dogs for Seal Team 6 and the British Special Forces.

The NYT says Harrison Prather shifted his sales strategy when he realized executives were willing to pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars for the dogs. Besides the western suburbs, they're popular in Latin America and the Middle East.

Johnson named his "Julia." When she's not looking for an arm to rip from its socket, she trots around his grounds like a lap dog, one of six that Johnson takes with him on his private jet commuting trips to Arizona.

He seems to think Julia is worth the price tag -- and that he's worth the price tag -- and the bragging rights.

This is not John Johnson's dog. But you get the idea.<a href="" target="_blank">Video here</a>.

This is not John Johnson's dog. But you get the idea.Video here.

My dog, he can tell his friends, came from the same guy who trains dogs to jump out of military transports and hunt down Osama bin Laden.

But seriously, $240,000 for a dog? Is something out of whack here?