John Choi to announce run for Ramsey County Attorney

John Choi, City Attorney for St. Paul, is expected to announce Wednesday that he will be running for Ramsey County Attorney. Choi is the third to throw his hat in the ring.

Choi is expected to make the announcement from Skyline Tower, a low-income housing building in St. Paul. Choi's family lived in the tower when they emigrated to the U.S. when Choi was 3.

"Part of what John's story and who John is is basically the American dream," says Assistant Scott County Attorney Cory Tennison, Choi's campaign manager. "He comes here, his parents work two jobs to put him through school, and now here he is City Attorney of St. Paul."

Two other candidates announced their candidacies earlier this year: Dave Pinto, an assistant Ramsey County Attorney, and David Schultz, a partner with Maslon Law Firm.

Current Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner is not seeking reelection and is running for governor.