John Arndt arrested for stealing all those pigs in Iowa

A while back, City Pages reported on the mysterious disappearance of thousands of area pigs. First, 750 pigs went missing from two separate farms in central Minnesota.Then 200 more pigs disappeared in northern Iowa.

We now know the answer, at least for what happened to the Iowa pigs. The bad news is, the pigs did not break free, thereby inspiring the most adorable Disney movie in years.

The even worse news is, the guy who was arrested for stealing the pigs is one of us.

Minnesota's own John Arndt, a 44-year-old from Hayfield -- oh, isn't that just perfect -- has been arrested and charged with a felony for the theft of the pigs from Mitchell County, Iowa farms, according to Mason City's Globe Gazette newspaper.

Minnesota police arrested Ardnt for his Iowa crimes, and he's now being held in Mower County Jail. (Yes, it's all true: The alleged pig thief lives in a town called Hayfield, in a county called Mower.) As one might expect, there's pretty much no way one guy stole 200 pigs, and Mitchell County Sheriff Jeff Huftalin told the Globe Gazette he anticipates more arrests on the case.

For stealing the pigs, which would've been valued at tens of thousands of dollars depending on the going market price, Ardnt is facing pending charges of three felonies, including "ongoing criminal conduct," and two misdemeanor charges.

Arndt is held on $47,000 bail, and will not be bringing home the bacon any time soon.

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