Joel Rosenberg pulls six guns and a knife out of his pants [VIDEO]

Joel Rosenberg, our friendly neighborhood fantasy author and firearms instructor, is back with another video and packin' heat.

This time, inspired by Minneapolis Sgt. William Palmer, he pulls six guns and a knife out of his jeans as Neil Young sings, "Down by the river, I shot my baby."

These two men don't see eye to eye. Palmer, MPD's public information officer, unceremoniously disarmed Rosenberg a few weeks ago when he showed up at police headquarters to make a request for documents. The whole thing was caught on tape.

Rosenberg, a gun rights advocate, says Palmer's actions were out of bounds. And he's still looking for those documents from the police. So he posted the new clip on YouTube to tweak Palmer.

While the music plays, Rosenberg doffs his cowboy hat, coat and shirt to reveal a white T-shirt reading, "I'm not armed. Please don't hurt me." Then, with a generous helping of aw-shucks head scratching, he peels off a shoulder holster and unloads his pants.

"These are coming out of other pockets in the jeans," a caption reads as he fishes around behind his back, "Not, well, anywhere else."

Finally, there's a weird credit at the end reading, "Honest, let's not get into how a moose once bit my sister, OK?"

Update: Rosenberg was channeling Monty Python. See comment below.

That Joel. What a joker.


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