Joel Rosenberg arrested for bringing gun to police headquarters

What happens when you bring a gun into a police station? You get arrested. A month later.

At least that's what happened to Joel Rosenberg, Minneapolis's most rabid gun advocate, after he flaunted the piece strapped to his side in front of Sgt. William Palmer in City Hall last month.

Rosenberg was in police headquarters to pick up some documents, and he came packing not only his handgun but a video camera. The video captured Sgt. Palmer confronting Rosenberg about his gun before taking the weapon away with all the decorum of a father scolding his bratty son.

Rosenberg argued he had permission to carry inside City Hall and later filed a complaint against Palmer.

Palmer insisted that Rosenberg was violating a court order that bans guns on the premises.

The warrant that was issued yesterday for Rosenberg's arrest agrees with the latter opinion.

Rosenberg says he notified the sheriff's department of his intent to carry a weapon into the office that day, while the warrant says the sheriff has no record of that.

It also calls out all the smack talk that's been going on online after the incident. The warrant quotes passages from online comment boards and websites tied to Rosenberg, including a quote from a post titled "An Open Letter to Sergeant Palmer": "When you stupidly lunged at me to grab my knife and gun, you didn't watch my hands. One of them was on my back-up gun." It also referenced a taunting YouTube video Rosenberg made called "PleaseDoNotHurtMeSergeantWilliamPalmer" in which Rosenberg whips six different guns out of various pockets and holsters on his person.

And so, Rosenberg was arrested this morning for felony possession of a dangerous weapon in a courthouse and for willful disobedience of a court mandate. He will be arraigned tomorrow.

Joel Rosenberg arrested for bringing gun to police headquarters

It's all fun and games until someone gets thrown in the slammer.

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