Joe Webb can jump higher than you [VIDEO]

Joe knows jumps.

Joe knows jumps.

Leslie Frazier hedged a little when he was asked yesterday whether Joe Webb will start at quarterback against the Bears on Monday night.

But when Brett Favre was asked how tough it might be for Webb to make his first start on Monday Night Football, outside in the frigid TCF Bank Stadium, here's what Favre said:


You know what? Probably like most people, I'm excited to see. I love his attitude, his personality. There's no doubt the guy is as talented as they come. ... I think he'll be cold, but he's got the right mentality and guys love him. You've got to find out what he can do at some point.

Here's one thing Webb can do: Jump.

Here's another thing he can do: Run. Fast.

But can he start at QB? Here's Frazier:

Just in talking with Joe, he's really excited about the opportunity. He can't wait to line up and play and have a chance to start if that happens. He's not running away from it. We have confidence that he can get it done.

What could possibly go wrong (that hasn't already)?