Joe Soucheray blames single moms for flight delays, unplowed streets

Over the weekend, Pioneer Press columnist Joe Soucheray uncorked a baffling column blaming single mothers for flight delays and unplowed streets.

While lazing about for a topic, Soucheray stumbled across a statistic in his own paper that 6 out of 10 women who give birth in their early 20s are single mothers. This set off a light bulb in his brain connected to the sequester.

Thus was born the epic of mansplaining that could only be called: "Single moms are making us broke."

There are many great passages, but this one might be the distillation of the column's strange logic:
Just think of entitlement spending the next time the hypocrites in Washington want to take a snowplow off the road in Yellowstone or take a few flight controllers out of a tower because of this so-called sequestration. Who do they think they are fooling?
Who is being fooled, indeed.

When the Pioneer Press tweeted out the column (with a somewhat less incendiary headline), it provoked a fierce backlash: