Joe Senser on "Amyworld": Flaking out on picking up kids reflects her 'fierce independence'

On the August night she struck and killed Anousone Phanthavong with her SUV, Amy Senser was supposed to pick up her daughters following a Katy Perry concert at the Xcel Energy Center. She did not.

With Amy missing in action and his daughters stranded in St. Paul without a ride home, Joe Senser had to drop what he was doing at his Edina home and drive to pick them up. While driving, he repeatedly tried calling Amy to no avail.

That said, it seems natural that once they both arrived home, Joe would grill his wife about was up to instead of picking up her kids, doesn't it? But Joe, testifying during Amy's criminal vehicular homicide trial, said that level of flakiness wasn't out of the norm for his wife and didn't raise eyebrows.

According to the Star Tribune, Joe said it wasn't out of the ordinary for Amy to flake on picking up her daughters, nor was it abnormal for her to go incommunicado.

Referring to his wife by her middle name, Joe said, "That's Margaret; that's her personality." Asked whether she's erratic, Joe said she's not -- rather, she's "fiercely independent."

Sounds a lot more like fiercely irresponsible to us, but Joe said he actually regards Amy's flakiness as "one of the most admirable qualities in a human being," adding that she often takes off and explores the world without planning or communicating.

Joe said he refers to his wife's independence as "Amyworld."

Because Joe knows her fiercely independent personality all too well, he said he didn't bother asking Amy where she was that night instead of picking up her daughters. He testified he didn't have any inkling Amy might have been involved in a serious accident until he noticed "odd" damage to the SUV the following morning and saw a news report about a man killed the night before on the Riverside Avenue exit ramp.

Joe has a rather unique taste in women, doesn't he?

-- Hat trip to David Brauer for pointing out the absurdity of Joe's "fiercely independent" remark.

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