Joe Senser loses cool, tells photographers to "get a life"

Joe Senser boiled over this morning.
Joe Senser boiled over this morning.

Joe Senser was sitting around, checking text messages on his phone while chilling on the first floor of the Hennepin County Courthouse this morning, when he noticed a gaggle of photographers snapping photos and taking video of him.

Apparently, Senser has had enough of being pestered in public places by photogs. He got up from his chair, brusquely approached the photographers, and asked them: "Why don't you guys get a life?"

"Is there any more of this you want?" he asked, sarcastically donning his Philadelphia Phillies baseball cap and smiling. "Good morning, what channel are you from?"

He then said, "Go Phillies" before stomping away.

There's no doubt Amy Senser's criminal vehicular homicide trial is placing great stress on Joe and his family. Brittani Senser testified earlier this week that she had to push her step mom to out herself as the driver responsible for the hit-and-run that killed Anousone Phanthavong. Yesterday, Joe himself testified that Amy is a serial flake, and today the Senser's 15-year-old daughter told jurors her mom "had a sip of something" the night she ran Phanthavong over, but denied Amy was drunk.

That said, Joe should still know better than to go after photographers on public property, while their cameras are rolling. That sort of scrutiny is part-and-parcel of being a central player in one of Minnesota's highest-profile criminal trials in years.

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