Joe Repya makes Olbermann's "Best Persons" list for leaving GOP


Democrats love nothing more than a story of a longtime Republican leaving the rightwing due to their frustrations. So here come the Democratic hawks to pick up the story. Lt. Colonel Joe Repya of Eagan wrote an editorial for the Pioneer Press explaining his exit from the Minnesota GOP.

The story made it to the Huffington Post, which quoted him saying the GOP was in a "death spiral". To top it off, Repya made it on Keith Olbermann's "World's Best Persons" list for his editorial.

Check out the clip below.

Olbermann of MSNBC quotes from the editorial:

When a political party becomes so dysfunctional that it no longer can operate without tyrannical domination over the grass-roots, it is time to stop enabling bad behavior from that party. I have come to the conclusion that a majority of Minnesotans and many Republicans no longer trust the message of the Minnesota GOP.
Watch the clip here (via DustyTrice)