Joe Nathan leaving Twins for Texas

Joe Nathan is officially heading for a warmer climate.

Nathan, who turns 37 today, is signing with the Texas Rangers for a two-year, $14.5 million contract with a 2014 option. That brings to an end seven years of Nathan pitching, during which time he set the record for all-time most team saves.

This is the second Twins shakeup this month. We're not quite as optimistic about Nathan leaving as we were with the departure of Bill Smith, but after last season, Lord knows this team needs to be doing something different.

Originally from Houston, Texas, Nathan joined the Twins in 2003 after a short stint in San Francisco. This quickly proved to be a legendarily bad trade for San Francisco.

In his seven years with the Twins, Nathan was named to four all-star teams.

In 2010, things began looking a little grim for the aging closer. A serious elbow operation -- known as Tommy John surgery -- kept him off the field for an entire season, and cast some doubt on his future.

Last August, Nathan made the 255th save that put him ahead of Rick Aguilera, the previous record holder. Fans and teammates honored him at ceremony a few days later.

Since becoming a free agent earlier this year, Nathan received offers from six teams, according to the Star Tribune. He chose the Rangers based on their winning record.

The Rangers will announce their newest team member today, according to

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