Joe Mauer's concussion sounds pretty bad

Will Mauer play again this season? Right now, he's barely capable of taking a walk.
Will Mauer play again this season? Right now, he's barely capable of taking a walk.

In light of the Justin Morneau saga, Joe Mauer's first public comments about the concussion he suffered during a game on August 19 make for depressing reading.

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"What's scary about it is it's not like a turned ankle, where you give it a day or two and it's better," Mauer told reporters before the Twins' afternoon game today. "Or tape it up. You can't tape up your head. I wish you could."

Mauer said that while his "symptoms have been getting better," he's still "definitely conscious of how I'm feeling."

Mauer confirmed his concussion was the result of two foul tips that hit him in his face mask during an August 19 game at Target Field. He said he first noticed symptoms while warming up for a game in Detroit the next day.

"As soon as I got out to first base and started fielding ground balls and moving around, that's when it kind of hit me," Mauer said. "My balance was off. The ball seemed like it was getting on me quick. I started getting irritated by sound and light. It was a rough couple days there in Detroit, but I'm feeling a lot better."

But while Mauer says he's feeling better, a Pioneer Press report detailing his first "exercise" since the concussion paints a less encouraging picture:

He was able to do some light exercise for the first time Wednesday, including a walk on the playing surface at Target Field while stopping periodically to monitor his progress.

Sounds like he's a long ways from returning to game action, doesn't it?

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