Joe Mauer still chasing .400

Joe Mauer still chasing .400

Last Friday, Joe Mauer went 3-3, rose his batting average to .375, and received a standing ovation for a walk. Yes. A walk. The night's performance didn't get much love from ESPN, who were busy covering Tiger. But the performance is getting a shout-out from Joe Posnanski, senior writer for Sports Illustrated.

On his personal blog

, a place where entries can easily run 3000-4000 words, Posnanski has created "Mauer Power." It's a section where he monitors Mauer's at bats, and tracks the outside shot the catcher has at hitting .400.

On Friday he posted:

I don't know how long I'm going to keep this Mauer update going ... but this might become a daily thing for the rest of the season for one reason and one reason alone: It is beginning to appear that Mauer, having perhaps the most remarkable season in the history of the world, might get screwed out of the MVP Award. And if that happens ... well we can't let it happen. We just can't let it happen.

Then on Saturday:

No, I don't think Joe Mauer is going to hit .400. I started this Mauer Power thing as a lark, and it's still mostly a lark. But ... he's now five-for-eight since I started. So, what the heck, we keep going until the dream collapses.

Mauer to date
349 at-bats
132 hits
Batting average: .378 average.

What he's got to do the rest of the way
176 at-bats
78 hits
Batting average: .443

Final numbers
525 at-bats
210 hits
Batting average: .400

Like JoPoz said, Mauer is putting up one of the greatest performances in baseball history, and very few Twins fans are coming to watch. The dome was empty on Friday, blue seats out numbered the filled ones, and the shouting dome-dog vendors popped off to empty space, their aluminum squares full of food that no one has the money to eat.

Yeah, the Twins season has a slim chance of recovery, but Mauer has the chance to do something historic. Buy some tickets, cherish the remaining days at the dome, and a hometown boys' attempt to give it a worthy send-off.

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