Joe Mauer reportedly won't be traded to Red Sox, so calm down, everyone

Love him or hate him, Mauer will almost certainly remain a Twin for now.
Love him or hate him, Mauer will almost certainly remain a Twin for now.

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Last night, news broke that (gasp!) the Twins had placed hometown hero Joe Mauer on trade waivers.

Despite the fact that placing highly valued and expensive players on trade waivers in August is something almost every terrible team does, Twins fans quickly began hyperventilating. Some vowed to boycott Minnesota's most pathetic professional sports team if Mauer and the $142.5 million left on his deal were shipped out. The deep-pocketed Boston Red Sox -- days removed from huge a salary dump involving Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, and Josh Beckett -- were widely assumed to be the Twins' most likely trade partner.

But today, MLB reporter Jon Heyman is reporting that the Red Sox won't claim Mauer on waivers. So unless another team unexpectedly steps forward to make a claim on the 2009 MVP (and then works out a deal with the trade-reluctant Twins), it looks like we'll remain stuck with him for now.

Yahoo provides a nice, succinct breakdown of Mauer's 2012 season:

Mauer has recovered from an injury-plagued 2011 to post a nice 2012. He made the All-Star team, has already played in 120 games and has hit .309/.403/.425 with eight homers and 66 RBI. He still makes too much money at $23.5 million a season, though, if the Twins are to entertain any thoughts of being a more complete team in the future.

Indeed, considering payroll was slashed coming into this season -- and considering the squad backed that up with an AL-worst 2012 campaign -- it's hard to envision management spending the necessary money to acquire the players the Twins need to return to relevance anytime soon. So, sentimental considerations aside, a good argument can be made that the Twins are better off unloading Mauer and hastening the rebuilding process.

But placing a player on waivers is one thing; actually dealing him is another. As Twins blogger Aaron Gleeman notes:

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