Joe Mauer has the second-worst contract in baseball, says Yahoo!

As good as Mauer is, his contract is even worse, Yahoo! writes.
As good as Mauer is, his contract is even worse, Yahoo! writes.

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Joe Mauer remains an undeniably productive player, ranking second in the American League in on-base percentage this season while staying more-or-less healthy. On Saturday, he provided one of the most dramatic hits in recent Twins history -- a two-out, two-strike three-run homer in the top of the ninth inning that lifted the Twins to a 6-4 victory in Boston.

But is he $23 million-per-season productive? According to Yahoo's Steve Henson, the answer to that question is a resounding no.

In a new analysis piece, Henson ranks Mauer's contract as the second-worst in all of baseball, only ahead of the Angels' Vernon Wells, who hasn't gotten a base hit since May while raking in $21 million this season.

Henson writes:

Everybody rejoiced when the parsimonious Twins sprung for an eight-year, $184 million deal for hometown favorite Mauer before the 2011 season. Wonderful has already been whittled to what-in-the-world? He plays catcher only half the time and doesn't hit with power. He'll remain a .320 hitter for a few years, but that's not enough for $23 million a year, more than 20 percent of the Twins' payroll.

What was great timing for Mauer turned out to be bad timing for the Twins franchise -- after blasting 28 homers and winning AL MVP honors in 2009, Joe's value was at an all-time high when the Twins inked him to his huge contract extension. Unfortunately, what at the time was seen as Mauer developing a power stroke and taking his game to the next level now seems to be a one-year anomaly, as in the three seasons following his MVP campaign Joe has hit just 19 homers combined.

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