Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau need their own nickname

The Twins may have won four of six sans reigning A.L. MVP Joe Mauer in the lineup, but there's no deluding ourselves that, in the long haul, the Boys won't get far without the league's second-best player.  But even with the local luminary missing a spell with a bum heel: This is a special time in Twins baseball. 

We've opened the renewed outdoor era in style, as evidenced by the team's 9-4 home record.  The club is celebrating their 50th season in Minnesota.  And, with Mauer back in the lineup batting before Justin Morneau, the Twins sport two of the A.L.'s  past four MVP's, both of whom are signed, defined and in their prime. 

But we've become lazy, complacent in our appreciation of these two -- at least as far as their moniker is concerned.  The "M&M" boys is tired, and stolen, heisted from the appellation coined by New York sportswriters in the early 1960's (for those who may not know) to both couple and rival the home run chase of Yankees' Mickey Mantle and Minnesota-born Roger Maris in '61.  That season -- the same year the Twins were born -- serves among the most memorable of the last 50 years. So let's leave it there.

This is our time.  This is our new park, our Golden Anniversary, and our potent MVP duo.  Hell, we don't want anything from the Yankees, and with two ensuing May series vs. the Pinstripes, it's our collective hope that our club can impress that strut upon the defending World Champs.  Moreover: Minneapolis consistently ranks in the Union's top three "Most Literate Cities."  We're smart enough to come up with our own shtick.

Let us roll out some new nicknames.  Either remark/vote on these, or kindly offer some of your own suggestions.  Our horses have earned it.  Here are some of my offerings:


Justin/Bleater (Mauer)

Tall & Oates

10,000 Rakes


Image via Keith Allison









Maple Stirrup

Rolling J's


Loyal & Hearty

Money & Bear

North Soul

Wins'r Canadian

JM's Cook: See

Canadian Rakin'

Blonde on Pond


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