Joe Mauer and Jimmy Fallon play video games [VIDEO OF THE DAY]

Jimmy Fallon hosts Joe Mauer.

Jimmy Fallon hosts Joe Mauer.

Jimmy Fallon, noted "Fever Pitch" Red Sox fan, got schooled last night by the Twins' Joe Mauer in a home run derby: He was on "Late Night" to demo the new "MLB 11 The Show" video game.

Before they faced off in front of the cameras, Fallon sounded like a school kid on a sandlot when he gushed over Mauer's legend.


"The reason why I love you is because you had the option to leave the Twins. You came out of St. Paul, and you signed up with the Twins until 2018," he gushed. "You could have signed with any team and made millions of more dollars and it's so cool that you did that."

We understand, Jimmy. We understand.


Mauer donned a motion-capture suit in the studio to help the game's designers recreate his batting stance, warmup moves and catcher's movements.

"To see them incorporated into the game is pretty cool for me to see," he told

Here's the "MLB 11 The Show" trailer:

And heres' the "Fever Pitch" trailer: