Joe Mauer & Co. suffering from mighty mysterious ailments

By now, you should know that the Twins' franchise player, Joe Mauer, is not yet recovered from his "bilateral leg weakness".

Many folks have asked me, "what's up with Mauer's legs"? I don't honestly know, except to say that a 6' 5" catcher is going to have leg problems throughout his career behind the plate.

No, what freaks me out is that Joe Mauer lost nearly 14 pounds from a viral infection.

I mean, in my world, if you lose 14 pounds because of a viral infection, you're in some serious shit.

Couple this with the fact that he's not alone: Justin Morneau and Delmon Young have both been hit with infectious bugs (flu in both cases), and it makes you wonder in what kind of hot zone does this team play?

The Twins are mum. I contacted the team in an effort to get to the bottom of these multiple contagions. Mike Herman, the Director of Baseball Communications, told me via e-mail that, "due to HIPPA laws, [I am] not able to talk about illness related specific players [sic]."

This makes sense to me. Mr. Herman acknowledged that, to a degree, on-field injuries are fair game. But, honestly, if one of the Twins comes down with the flu, or, like Babe Ruth before them, a dose of the clap, it's no one's damn business but the player's.

Perhaps tomorrow I can shove my mic in Delmon's face and ask him how he got sick. But I doubt I'll do that.

Still, Mauer's viral infection is damn odd. Not like "what-is-he-hiding" odd, but more like "damn, how does a young kid like that lose 14 pounds from a virus?!?" odd.

Mauer's been fighting the virus for some time--at least a week. That, in turn, has resulted in our man not being able to do the strengthening exercises necessary for a prompt return from the bilateral leg weakness.

Let's just hope it's not worse. This ailment might have portended the virus, but it can also be a predecessor of West Nile Virus or Lou Gehrig's disease, among many others. Probably not, though.

Get well soon, Joe.

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