Joe Basel: Portrait of the Con Artist as a Young Douche

Joe Basel

Joe Basel

By now you've probably heard about Joe Basel, one of the four incompetent tea buggers who bungled the phone tapping of a U.S. Senator.

As we reported Tuesday, Basel was the editor of the U of M-Morris conservative paper The Counterweight. Since then, we've been asked to republish some of Basel's greatest college clips. We've just been forwarded an email that begins:

There was an incident three years ago where Joe and other conservatives at UMM were putting up some controversial posters on campus from a web site called "End Racism & Sexism Now:  Kill all White Males."

Here's the same slogan on a Protest Warrior t-shirt:

One administrator felt compelled to speak up:


Several recent events on our campus, including the defacing of a Women's resource Center poster, and the posting of signs from a conservative web site ( saying "End Racism & Sexism Now: Kill all White Males," have raised important and complicated questions regarding responsible speech.
A follow-up email from another administrator makes clear the incident was so severe that the school held an anti-racism rally to show solidarity against Basel and his cronies:

Some members of our campus community have assumed the posters saying "End Racism & Sexism Now: Kill all White Males" were posted by students of color. They were not. These assumptions have been very painful for students of color and others on campus. This has also been a difficult week for students involved in the Women's Resource Center; additional anonymous signs questioning the importance of having a Women's Resource Center on campus have been posted today.
MCSA leaders are working with us to create a forum Monday evening where members of our campus community can come together in a dialogue regarding the incidents of this week and the issues surrounding them. Students responsible for the "End Racism...." posters will attend the forum. (These students were not responsible for defacing WRC posters or the new signs posted today.) We encourage our campus community to come together for this critical conversation.

The incident is also referred to here, which includes the fantastic detail that Joe Basel quoted Dr. Dre and offended the entire black student body to the point where they walked out:

Among other things, he was noted for posting up the "END RACISM AND SEXISM NOW, KILL ALL WHITE MALES" posters from and causing a big uproar on campus that led to a big campus forum about the posters. When forcedasked to speak to campus, he told everybody about how the posters were there to counteract the far left LIES about racism, and then quoted Dr. Dre lyrics as an example of far left racism. This caused the ENTIRE black student union to storm out in anger. The rest of the night was super awkward and nothing got solved.

Here's our tipster's recollection of the aftermath:

Although no one officially declared Joe as the "defacer" of the Women's Resource Center's posters I and other members of the group suspected Joe and his friends. He has always had that nice guy image but he is far from a nice guy.

In my discussions with Joe after his "satirical" kill all white men posters I discovered he was only too happy with the attention he recieved. When I asked about his positions on various comittees, which many people felt he should be removed from, he saw nothing wrong with his actions. But with budget allocations in the coming weeks I felt he no longer could met the requirement of the committee to be "viewpoint neutral" and told him so. He actually agreed with me but was not willing to step down his position. This lead me to inquire about the removal of members from the Activities Fee Review Committee-and there are none. With no precendent the Director of Student Activites David Swenson decided we as a committee could not remove Joe. This upset student leaders and frankly it upset me. But Joe went on to serve two more terms on the committee.

His latest actions did not surprise me at all, and it is completely in character for Joe to spin his actions as humor rather than disrespectful and harmful. He never took responsibility for anything and he never will.

That's our boy, Joe Basel. From offending black classmates with clumsy rap lyrics, to bungling the phone tapping of a Louisiana Senator. Local dope makes trouble.