Joe ‘Arm the Kindergartners’ Wilson to speak at Minnesota GOP dinner

Joe Wilson has been in the headlines... and not in a good way.

Joe Wilson has been in the headlines... and not in a good way. ASSOCIATED PRESS - AP

Minnesota Congressional District 6 is relatively small crescent of suburbs to the north and northeast of the Twin Cities, represented by Delano Republican Congressman Tom Emmer. It is, according to their website, “a bastion of common sense conservatism."

Which all sounds pretty pedestrian when you compare it to their speaker at an upcoming dinner in St. Cloud: South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson. 

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, cast your mind back to 2009, when Wilson interrupted then-President Barack Obama’s health care address to Congress by shouting a now infamous line: “You lie.”

Even after Obama accepted his apology, the outburst earned him condemnation from both sides of the aisle, and his constituents were still chanting it back at him at a town hall six years later.

That wasn’t the last time Wilson was in the news for saying something outrageous. He made headlines last week as one of the Republican lawmakers comedian Sacha Baron Cohen tricked into saying he supported a fictitious program to arm kindergarteners.

“[A] 3-year-old cannot defend itself from an assault rifle by throwing a Hello Kitty pencil case at it,” Wilson said on Cohen's new Showtime series, Who Is America?. The founding fathers didn’t give the Second Amendment an “age limit.”

Wilson later said that he thought that he was being interviewed by an Israeli television network, and that they were presenting him with an award. 

"I was appreciative, okay, of receiving this beautiful award which recognized me as one of 70 people for their support of Israel on the 70th anniversary of the Jewish state.”

For $50 a person or $400 a table, Republicans can hear Wilson speak about his continued fight for conservative values. Besides arming preschoolers, he has also voiced approval for the separation of children from families caught trying to cross the border, supported the nation’s withdrawal from the United Nations Human Rights Council, and voted in lockstep with President Donald Trump 98.9 percent of the time.

It’s not specified what Wilson will cover during the dinner, but based on his record, one thing is certain: It’s probably going to be interesting.