Jimmy the Groundhog Bites Wisconsin Mayor in Sure Sign Winter Will End Soon

Yesterday America trotted out its official rodent weatherman, Punxsutawney Phil for his annual Groundhog Day prognostication about the remaining length of this winter.

According to media reports Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, ensuring at least six more weeks of miserable cold, but did you know the famous Pennsylvanian weather rodent has a counterpart in Sun Prairie, Wisc.?

We say screw that east coast elitist Phil, what did the North's resident rodent meteorologist, Jimmy the Groundhog have to say? See also: Happy Groundhog Day! We're Screwed

Ouch! That was Sun Prairie Mayor Jonathan Freund getting a little to close to Jimmy during Sun Prairie's 67th annual Groundhogs Day celebration.

Probably a good idea to keep your face away from wild animals in the future Jonathan. We reached out to his staff to see how the mayor was doing after the bite:

"There were no injuries, and the Mayor is fine," wrote Neil Stechschulte with the city of Sun Prairie. "Staff's position is that Jimmy was a bit overzealous in sharing his prognostication, nothing more."

According to Mayor Freund Jimmy's calling for an early end to winter. Take that Phil!

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