Jimmy Kimmel makes gay joke at Marcus Bachmann's expense [VIDEO]

In front of President Obama, Jimmy Kimmel made Marcus the butt of a joke.
In front of President Obama, Jimmy Kimmel made Marcus the butt of a joke.

Marcus Bachmann is so closeted, he's collected more pink slips than the oft-fired Keith Olbermann. Or so said Jimmy Kimmel during his keynote comedy routine at Saturday's White House Correspondents Dinner.

Kimmel's joke went over about as well as one of Marcus's ex-gay therapy sessions: The crowd groaned while Kimmel said, "if you're not familiar with Marcus Bachmann, he plays Cameron on the show Modern Family." The camera then panned to a shot of a man who looked to be Eric Stonestreet, the actor who plays Cameron, a gay character on a show I'm happy to say I've never watched.

With his Bachmann bash, Kimmel follows a path often trodden by HBO's Bill Maher. Below the jump is video of Kimmel's WHCD performance (the Bachmann joke begins at about the 19:20 mark), followed by video of two of Maher's recent Marcus-secretly-enjoys-penises wisecracks.

Here's Kimmel:

Here's a clip from earlier this month of HBO's Maher joking that for years, Marcus has been telling the pizza delivery guy, "'I'd like a weiner in my rim'":

And finally, here's Maher wisecracking about how after Marcus saw the video of Moammar Gaddafi being sodomized by a stick, he decided to dress up as former Libyan dictator for Halloween:

-- Hat tip to Ken Avidor for bringing light to Kimmel's Marcus Bachmann joke.

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