Jimmy John's on Hennepin targeted by AZ immigration law foes [Video]

Twin Cities foes of Arizona's controversial new anti-immigration law picked a new target Monday evening: The Jimmy John's sandwich shop at 600 Hennepin Avenue. (Video after the jump.)

Arizona Boycott Clearinghouse says Jimmy John's is a protest target because founder James Liautaud contributed $10,000 to the 'Sheriff Command Association,' which used the money to help re-elect Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaijo, an anti-immigrant hardliner who supports the new Arizona law. ("Sheriff Joe" is a media darling perhaps best known as the guy who made county jail inmates wear pink jumpsuits.)

Franchise owner Rob Mulligan told those assembled he respected their right to protest SB1070, but wasn't interested in being part of any political statement, and pointed out that a protest of his independently owned franchise "only harms hardworking local business people such as ourselves and our employees."

Robert Erickson, who's more usually found satirizing local politicians and assorted blowhards in viral videos, was among the small group of protesters. He spoke with Mulligan, who said, "I personally don't agree" with SB 1070.

Video via TheUptake:

SB 1070 protesters have also targeted Twin Cities Baja Sol restaurants owned by Minnesota Republican Party chair Tony Sutton:

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