Jimmy John's historic union vote ends with defeat [UPDATE]

Election day comes early for sandwich workers.
Election day comes early for sandwich workers.

The drive by some Minneapolis Jimmy John's workers to form the first fast-food-workers union in the country was defeated today by a margin of 87 votes to 85.

Several dozen union supporters, as well as franchise owners Mike and Rob Mulligan, gathered in the former Hooters restaurant in the City Center to watch officials from the National Labor Relations Board count the ballots.

As the vote counting began and it became just how close the election would be, the room fell silent, both sides intent on the two piles of blue ballot sheets growing incrementally.

Union supporters, who had predicted a victory going into the vote, were visibly disheartened by the outcome, but said this isn't the end of their campaign. Erik Forman, one of the lead organizers, said the union intends to challenge the results, alleging unfair labor practices.

Celebrating the victory at Kieran's Irish Pub afterward, owner Mike Mulligan declined to comment except to say that he was pleased with the results of the vote.


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