Jimmy Fallon ribs Blair Walsh's boy band visage [video]


If the whole NFL kicker thing doesn't work out, Walsh could have a fallback boy band career.

Mental toughness is critical to being an NFL kicker. An ability to take a joke doesn’t hurt either.

Last night the Minnesota Vikings field goal machine Blair Walsh found himself in Jimmy Fallon’s crosshairs. In his recurring “NFL Superlatives” bit, The Tonight Show host gave a nod to perhaps the, um, man-prettiest kicker in the league.

The gag has Fallon shuffling through various official player photos, captioning each in hilariously superficial ways — all in good fun, of course. At the end of a special Vikings-Seahawks edition, there popped Walsh’s boyish mug, which is dreamy enough to rock an arena full of screaming girls with braces, evidently. The superlative quip: Most likely to look like every member of One Direction combined.

— Mark Wensel (@potcguy) January 7, 2016
It’s a compliment if you’re a preteen looking for a date to the middle school dance, but less so when you hang out in locker rooms teeming with 300-pound dudes. Walsh got wind of the bit on Twitter late Wednesday night and was a pretty good sport about it.

We’ll give Fallon that Walsh has youthful good looks and he could probably pull off a V-neck. But if anything, we’d have pegged him as a Liam Payne type.

Watch Fallon goof on Linval Joseph, Marshawn Lynch, and other players below.

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