Jim Oberstar hammers BP for treating us like chumps [VIDEO]

Rep. Michele Bachmann drew hoots a few weeks ago for warning BP executives not to end up getting fleeced like chumps at the hands of the White House. How dare the president demand -- and get -- BP to create an independent, $2 billion fund to help victims get the relief they deserve at that hands of its epic Gulf of Mexico oil spill fail.

But Americans are the chumps getting fleeced, as another Minnesota congressman, Rep. Jim Oberstar in the video below, insists with some fine and well-targeted passion. Despite what it told regulators, the company clearly and demonstrably had no backup plan to handle its toxic trashing the Gulf coast and ruining the working lives of millions of Americans. And without insisting that BP prove its systems were safe, the government handed BP a big, fat drilling permit.

"That's got to stop," Oberstar said in a committee hearing.

(Hat tip: The UpTake.)

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