Jim Graves to Bradlee Dean: "Michele Bachmann is a wonderful person"

Jim Graves says he has no personal beef with Michele Bachmann. In fact, in his eyes, she's wonderful.
Jim Graves says he has no personal beef with Michele Bachmann. In fact, in his eyes, she's wonderful.

Talk about an odd couple -- yesterday, Jim Graves called in to Bradlee Dean's radio show and did a fairly lengthy interview with Minnesota's most notorious tracksuit-wearing homophobe.

-- Bradlee Dean crank calls Keith Ellison, alleges that Muslims want to execute gays [AUDIO]
-- Jim Graves, Democratic challenger to Rep. Michele Bachmann: The City Pages interview

The banter between Dean, Dean's sidekick Jake 'homosexual lifestyle literally kills gays' Macaulay, and Graves was surprisingly genial, but the interview was less than revealing, as Dean and Macaulay seemed more intent on taking shots at Graves' pro-choice and pro-gay stances than they were in actually asking the congressional candidate questions.

Nonetheless, Graves did drop one interesting nugget. When asked to respond to some of the pro-Bachmann attack ads that have been running on local television, here's what he said (emphasis mine):

What happens, unfortunately, Jake and Bradlee, is people like to throw negative ads out and try to do things and try to frame people. And, you know, let me be right up front -- I think Michele Bachmann, as a person, is a wonderful person. She's the mother of five kids, she's done wonderful work with being a foster parent.

This election is not about Michele Bachmann or Jim Graves, it's really about who can serve the people, who can fill the role of being a steward for the peoples' needs and represent them honorably with integrity and honesty and hard work in Washington. And that's what it's about, it's not about trying to trash the other person.

Sounds like the words of a man who is guided by a strong moral compass, right? But for longtime Bachmann supporters Jake and Bradlee, morality is all about opposing abortion and fealty to the Christian God.

Here's how Dean concluded the interview, which you can listen to here -- "We gotta get out politicians, friends, moral. We gotta get them to a repentant state before a just and holy God so we can have the liberties that our forefathers gave unto us. Amen. Hallelujah."

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