Jetaun Wheeler, 29, allegedly killed 58-year-old boyfriend, stuffed him in freezer

Jetaun Wheeler
Jetaun Wheeler

Jetaun Wheeler has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of her boyfriend.

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According to authorities, the body of Wheeler's 58-year-old boyfriend (authorities haven't released his name yet) was found last Wednesday in a freezer in the garage of the Shorewood home the couple shared. On that day, officers trying to locate the man, who had been missing for weeks, executed a search warrant at the home and found a blood-soaked piece of carpeting under Wheeler's mattress.

Authorities followed blood splatter to the garage, where they made the most grisly discovery of all.

"Behind two mattresses they found what appeared to be a brand new freezer," the criminal complaint says. "An old box of Christmas decorations was on top of the freezer. Investigators opened the freezer and observed the body of an adult male."

Authorities later determined the freezer was purchased on August 5, right around the time the murder took place.

The body was taken to a medical examiner, who found the man had "blunt force trauma injuries to his face and head including significant lacerations to his left eye and the left side of the head," the complaint says. A broken closet rod was found on a closet floor and tested positive for the presence of blood.

Investigators believe Wheeler's boyfriend intended to move back to Chicago and leave the relationship at the time he was killed. He told a friend on July 31 that he planned to leave Minnesota, in part because Wheeler had recently physically assaulted him.

The friend said Wheeler's boyfriend told him that "the defendant had assaulted him the week before leaving scratches and that she was crazy," the Pioneer Press, citing the complaint, reports.

Police are still looking for Wheeler's three young children, but they don't believe they are in danger. Wheeler, for her part, apparently isn't helping -- during a news conference yesterday, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman described her as "uncooperative."

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