Jessica Kilde Pleads Guilty to Murdering Her Boyfriend By Dragging Him Behind Truck

On Aug. 15 the Becker County Sheriff got a call about an individual who had been run over by a car in Ogema, Minn., about 20 miles north of Detroit Lakes.

When law enforcement arrived at the scene they discovered 41-year-old Richard Baity dead in the street with marks on his neck and 16 inches of a broken yellow strap nearby, according to charges filed four days later.

Baity's girlfriend, Jessica Kilde, was observed driving a Ford Sport Trac toward the scene with a piece of a similar-looking yellow strap tied to the top of the rear passenger-side door frame. It was still dragging behind the pickup.

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There were 160 feet of drag marks coming from the driveway of the residence Baity and Kilde had been hanging out at earlier that night.

A person who had been with the couple that evening told police there wasn't any noticeable animosity between the two. Kilde, 33, told police she had an argument with Baity but it was "nothing significant."

They had been drinking and smoking meth that night, and the story Kilde told police kept changing. First she said Baity was standing on the deck when she drove away, then she said she had no idea where he was when she drove away, and finally she said she had very little recollection of what happened that night. Meth and alcohol can do that to a memory.

Yesterday the Becker County Attorney announced Kilde pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. She is facing 40 years in prison and will be sentenced March 16.

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