Jessica Hanson, 24, killed while bicycling in hit and run near Lyn-Lake [UPDATE]

Jessica Hanson
Jessica Hanson

:::: UPDATE :::: Abdirahman Abdi Ali, 24, arrested in connection with hit and run death of Jessica Hanson [MUGSHOT]

Around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday night, 24-year-old Jessica Hanson was biking to her boyfriend's house when she was struck by a car at the intersection of 28th Street and Pleasant Avenue South.

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Hanson was taken to HCMC, where she died Friday. The driver of the vehicle that hit her remains on the loose, and police are asking for the public's help.

The MPD says the vehicle was headed northbound on Pleasant when it ran a stop sign and hit Hanson. It was speeding and didn't have its headlights on. But beyond that, police have little information about the vehicle, and on Saturday the MPD used its Facebook page to make another public plea for tips.

Hanson was a server at Republic in Calhoun Square who moved to the Uptown area after growing up in rural west-central Minnesota, the Star Tribune reports. She wasn't wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

"You couldn't talk to her without her mentioning she lived in Uptown," Hanson's uncle told the Strib. "She was the kind of girl who just wanted to spread her wings and go to the big city."

In the wake of the tragedy, Jeff Carlson, a neighbor of Hanson's, is putting together a petition asking for public safety improvements at the intersections of East 28th Street and Pleasant and Pillsbury Avenues. He plans to deliver it to Mayor Rybak, the Strib reports.

The issue, Carlson and other neighbors say, is that parked cars on 28th Street block the view of drivers trying to cross the street at Pleasant and Pillsbury, forcing them to dangerously edge forward into traffic in order to tell whether they're clear to go ahead and accelerate through the intersection.

Hanson's death comes months after Minneapolis's first bicycle fatality of the year. In late March, 28-year-old Elyse Stern was struck and killed by a vehicle as she biked through the intersection of East Lake Street and Cedar Avenue South. The driver of the car that hit her, 27-year-old Juan Ricardo Hernandez-Campoceco, was charged with felony hit and run and DWI.

:::: UPDATE ::::

KARE 11's Jana Shortal reports that an arrest has been made in connection with the hit and run that killed Hanson. Fox reports that the suspect is a 24-year-old man. We'll update as soon as more information is available.

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