Jesse Ventura's 'Conspiracy Theory' is up for a Stony

Jesse Ventura hangs with the mellow folk tonight.
Jesse Ventura hangs with the mellow folk tonight.

When we interviewed Jesse Ventura last year about his new show, "Conspiracy Theory," he certainly came off as a little paranoid.

But not in a Cheech and Chong, flush-the-goods-down-the-toilet way. If anything, Ventura could have used some mellowing out.

Maybe that's why he's up for a special High Times magazine Stony Award tonight in Los Angeles. More likely though, it's because of his longtime advocacy of legalizing marijuana.

Cheech and Chong host the 10th annual awards show, which celebrates all things up in smoke at the movies, on television and the internets. And Ventura gets to share the spotlight with the likes of Rob Corddry, Pauly Shore, Russel Brand and Ed Norton.

Our governor once famously told Jimmy Kimmel, "I'm gonna lead the revolution and become the benevolent dictator of Baja. And when I become the benevolent dictator I'll legalize pot. We will make it the Amsterdam of the West."

In Jesse's honor, here's that clip and a few more of his classic "legalize it" moments.

On Fox with Geraldo Rivera:

On Fox, after ripping into the teabaggers.

On CNN with Campbell Brown and Ron Paul:

In Boulder, Colo., defending Olympic stoner Michael Phelps:

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