Jesse Ventura vs. Michele Bachmann [VIDEO]

Jesse Ventura: Not voting for Bachmann.

Jesse Ventura: Not voting for Bachmann.

The mainstream media is taking Michele Bachmann seriously as a potential candidate for the White House. Time just called her the "Minnesota Clipper." The New York Times says she's the un-Palin.

Jesse Ventura thinks she's a joke.


Appearing today on Good Morning America with George Stephanopolous, the former Minnesota governor-turned conspiracy theorist laughed off the idea of President Michele Bachmann.

Stephanopolous: "You've got a couple of candidates from your state, Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty."

Ventura: "Well, Michele Bachmann is actually my congresswoman. I live in her district."

Stephanopolous: "And, could she be president?"

Ventura: "Not with my vote, I'll tell you that."

With that rejoinder, they both bust up laughing -- without getting around to T-Paw.

Watch the interview. The Bachmann comments come in about 4 minutes into the clip: