Jesse Ventura tells Larry King the teabaggers are "kind of a laugh"


The Mind takes off on the teabaggers during an interview with Larry King on Monday night: "I think they're kind of a laugh, because they're supposed to defend the Constitution and all this," former Gov. Jesse Ventura tells King. In reference to President George W. Bush, he asks, "Well, where were they when habeas corpus was being taken away, because in our country right now, they can arrest you, they can hold you without charging you, they can keep an attorney from you. All they have to do is say you committed an act of terrorism and they can get away with that."

And he hammers Rush Limbaugh on health care.

"The State of Hawaii has had state-run health care for over 40 years and it works fantastic there. In fact, Rush Limbaugh even got treated there and said how great it was, before he found out that it was state-run health care," Ventura says. "If government-run health care is so bad, then why do we give it to our veterans and have we given it to them since World War I?"

Fair questions? Discuss. And, watch the interview here.