Jesse Ventura tells Larry King it's time for a new military draft

​Yesterday we told you that Jesse Ventura thinks he was paid by MSNBC to shut up about his opposition to the war in Iraq. Now, as President Barack Obama decides to double down in Afghanistan, the former Navy SEAL and governor of Minnesota is calling for a return to the military draft and a war tax.

"It's time to bring back the draft," he told CNN's Larry King. "These guys are on their fifth or sixth tours over there. I used to be an advocate for a professional military. I'm not anymore."

Obama is set to announce a 30,000-troop buildup, along with an exit strategy, for Afghanistan on Tuesday during a speech at West Point. Ventura said that if it were up to him, he'd call a halt to both wars and bring the troops home right now. Short of that, he wants the American people to feel some pain.

"We're involved in two wars now and this country is feeling no pain. Well, I got news for you. When you're involved in war, everyone should feel a little bit of pain. We need to pass a war tax to pay for this war," Ventura said. 

He also wants members of Congress to take a personal stake in the outcome of their decisions.

"I think every congressman and senator should be required to pre-designate that someone in their family begins immediate military service," he said. "I'm tired of these people voting to go to war and then they have no dog in the fight."

Ventura's been all over the media in the last few weeks as he tries to create some buzz around his new "Conspiracy Theory" TruTV show. Among the topics he covers: An alleged government plot to hide the truth about the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.