Jesse Ventura says Obama is basically the black George W. Bush

It's Obama's skin color, not his politics, that set him apart, Jesse said.
It's Obama's skin color, not his politics, that set him apart, Jesse said.

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Jesse Ventura insulted Barack Obama with one of the worst slurs imaginable -- he called him the black George W. Bush.

During an interview with BuzzFeed Politics yesterday, Ventura was asked whether he prefers Obama or Romney. In reply, he said that anybody who reads his new book -- Democrips and Rebloodlicans -- understands that it's basically a choice between flat Coke and flat Pepsi.

"I don't know how they could possibly vote for a Democrat or Republican," Jesse said, adding that Obama and George W. are only distinguished by "the color of their skin."

"They're both bad," he continued. "I won't vote for either [Obama or Romney] because it doesn't matter."

If you're curious, The Body plans to vote for Libertarian candidate and former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson. He said he plans to campaign often with Johnson between now and November, and lamented the fact that the credibility of third parties "is always destroyed by the mainstream media."

"[The MSM] usually label them a wingnut or have their little names for them," Jesse told BuzzFeed. "Both political parties and the media are owned by the corporations now."

Jesse also dropped some interested tidbits about his lifestyle during the BuzzFeed interview:

To reach Ventura, reporters have to call his hotel in New York, where he is staying under his real name (James Janos). Ventura does not have a cell phone and never plans to get one. "Who needs the aggravation?," he said. "Not only that, they can track you."...

In the years since his governorship, Ventura has stopped flying because he doesn't want to be "treated like a criminal at the airport."

This means that he took a train all the way from Minnesota to New York, which he can "handle better than the airport, being treated like a criminal and sexually assaulted."

Jesse has always been a free-thinking original. We can't think of a politician we'd rather be stuck on a cross-country train trip with.

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