Jesse Ventura says Hilary vs. Jeb would "pave the way" for him to become president [VIDEO]

He has a new show (and new glasses to boot).

He has a new show (and new glasses to boot).

Jesse Ventura hasn't given up on his dream of becoming the next president.

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In fact, during an appearance on Larry King's Ora TV show yesterday, the former governor said that if Democrat Hilary Clinton and Republican Jeb Bush end up emerging as the two leading 2016 contenders, it "would pave the way for Jesse Ventura to be the next president."

Jesse's thought process is that most Americans are disaffected not only with the two leading political parties, but especially with their two leading families.

"We are not England, we don't have royalty here," Jesse said.

"The way public sentiment is right now, Larry, I mean, I would run on this -- I would offer the people of America, challenge them to elect the first president since George Washington, the father of our country, that doesn't belong to a political party. Imagine that," Jesse continued. "And I think the way it is today, you could win on that issue alone."

But Jesse reiterated he'd have to get on the ballot in all 50 states in order for him to consider running. It won't be easy.

"That is going to require a grassroots movement from the country to show me they want me to come back from off the grid," Ventura said.

This week also marked the first installment of Jesse's new show, Off the Grid, which will air on Ora, the on-demand network King co-owns.

To mark the occasion, Jesse delivered his own WWE-style State of the Union promo.

"Here's my State of the Union -- it sucks!" Jesse began, before vowing that as president, he'd reduce income inequality by closing tax loopholes that allow millionaires to keep their money in offshore bank accounts (among other measures), legalize marijuana and end the war on drugs, and abolish political parties.

To watch Ventura's full seven-and-a-half-minute promo, click to page two.


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