Jesse Ventura says he questions gov't more than most because he doesn't drink fluoridated water

Jesse: Drinking tap water is like downing "liquid Prozac."
Jesse: Drinking tap water is like downing "liquid Prozac."

Earlier this week, Jesse Ventura went on the Unprofessional podcast to talk about a possible 2016 presidential run, the lessons he learned as Governor of Minnesota... and the role fluoridated water might play in keeping the American people "sheepish."

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Perhaps that last comment shouldn't surprise us, seeing as how Jesse hosted a show about conspiracy theories and has made similar claims during recent TV interviews. But still, we couldn't help but appreciate how Jesse invoked fluoridated water not only to explain why American politics is so f'd up, but also to explain why he's such a uniquely rogue character.

Here's a transcript of what Jesse said on that topic (to listen to the whole podcast, click here -- the transcribed portion begins around seven minutes in):

JESSE: The problem is this, we have lost sight as a people in this country to the fact that the government works for us, we don't work for the government... It's our money that runs the government, therefore we're the boss. We've lost sight of that.

[Host asks him, "Why has it gone this way? What's wrong with us?"]

JESSE: You're asking me now, what, to be a psychologist? I'm not sure. I laughingly, and maybe not laughingly, tell you it might be the water. Well the reason is fluoride -- that's required by federal government -- makes every city put fluoride in the water and they've been doing it since the 1950s allegedly so we have nice teeth.

And the point being, mostly, fluoride in water was first done by -- you know by who? The Nazis. The Nazis were the first people to put fluoride in water so we learned that from them. Now here's the big point, when you laugh about it, it might be more serious than you think. I learned this doing my television show.

The Nazis were the first to put fluoride in the water but fluoride is roughly 90 percent the component of Prozac. If you're drinking fluoride water for 20 years you're drinking liquid Prozac. Well over the years it probably stores up in your body and maybe that's why [the American people are so apathetic about politics]. Because what does Prozac do? And why would the Nazis put Prozac in the water? Well to obviously calm and docile [sic] the people. Make them, you know, more sheepish.

Maybe I am like I am, for whatever reason, not knowing that [in] all the houses I've had my adult life I've had my own well. So I haven't been drinking fluoridated water. So maybe that's why Jesse Ventura questions the government more and why I do what I do, and I don't go along with the status quo.

Later, Jesse was asked how serious he is about a 2016 presidential run. Here's what he said:

JESSE: I laid down a challenge because people ask me all the time and many say, 'Run, run, run.' Well, my view is, I need some proof that it's worth it again. You know, I put myself out there twice as Mayor and as Governor, and to be President I need some proof that the people, its gotta come from them. And plus I don't want to spend a lot of money -- I find it obscene, the money spent to get these offices.

So I said, here's what it would require. It would require a grassroots movement. I would run with no political party. None. The reason being is I think I could win the election, because I would offer the people the chance to vote for President for the first time -- George Washington is the only President we've ever had that didn't belong to a political party. And it would give the people of this country the opportunity to make history, to elect someone who does not belong to either of the political parties or any party for that matter.

But what would that require? That would require a grassroots movement in every state... to get me on the ballot in every state, all 50, and then I would need some type of guarantee that I would be allowed in the debates, because if you're not allowed in the debates you have no chance of winning. If you are allowed in the debates you can win which I proved in Minnesota. I was polling only 10 percent at the primary, I was allowed in the debates and I ended up winning the governorship eight weeks later.

We can see the bumper stickers now: "Ventura/Stern 2016: Freeing American minds from fluoride."

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