Jesse Ventura says "all Minnesotans are liars"

Ventura doesn't trust independents.

Ventura doesn't trust independents.

After growling about the failure of Republicans and Democrats in the Legislature to deal with the state's budget woes, and calling for the abolition of all political parties, former Gov. Jesse Ventura went on record believing that, "All Minnesotans are liars."

Ouch. What about?



The Body, now Conspiracy Theorist-In-Chief, was tweaked that Independence Party candidate Tom Horner barely attracted any votes on Election Day -- especially seeing as how he endorsed the candidate.

Ventura made the comments to TPT's Mary Lahammer during an Almanac conversation about Democrat Mark Dayton preparing to take over the governor's office from Republican Tim Pawlenty.

Minnesotans are all liars. Polls state that over 40 percent of us claim to be independent, correct? But this year we offered a viable independent candidate who was endorsed by three former governors, a U.S. Senator, every major newspaper in the state. But yet only 12 percent of Minnesotans [voted for Tom Horner].

Besides the math being off about "all Minnesotans," this criticism strikes us an unfair. Horner may have been a PR man by trade, but let's face it, the man was no Jesse Ventura. No smack down video footage. No co-starring roles with Arnold Schwarzenegger. No feather boas.

There was the men's rest room ads at the State Fair, though. He did know how to speak to a captive audience.