Jesse Ventura returns to the WWE ring


We took note yesterday that TruTV has nailed down the air dates for Jesse Ventura's new series exploring conspiracy theories. Today, we learn he's going to host a three-hour stint on WWE's Monday Night Raw. Coincidence? Conspiracy? You be the judge.

The broadcast, billed as a Thanksgiving special, will feature Ventura as "The Mind" more than "The Body," of course. These days, hangin' 10 in Baja California is more his game.

"You can only look forward, and you can't relive what you've already done, you can only live what's coming up. That's how I live life. My true goal now is to become as good a surfer as I was a wrestler," he told an interviewer recently.

Still, WWE stands to draw a good audience -- and Ventura will probably help his new show's numbers -- with headlines all over the wrestling world saying the former WWE Hall of Famer is climbing back into the ring.