Jesse Ventura poses with Dayton, Carlson, and Pawlenty, wears tie dye [PHOTO]

The Body still isn't a fan of formal wear.
The Body still isn't a fan of formal wear.

Last Friday, Minnesota's current Governor and his three predecessors got together at the Capitol for a sendoff to Tony Policano, who worked as a security guard for all of them.

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At one point, Policano posed for a shot with Mark Dayton, Arne Carlson, Tim Pawlenty, and Jesse the Body. Suffice it to say one of those men didn't look like the others.

Here's the photo:

Asked to comment on the job Policano did during his lengthy tenure as chief security guard for Minnesota's top elected official, Ventura said, "Every Governor he protected is alive, aren't they?"

Ventura also said he's still seriously considering a 2016 presidential run. He's previously said that if he runs, he wants Howard Stern to be his running mate.

"I said that 2016 is an opportune moment because there'll be no incumbent," Ventura told reporters during Friday's ceremony. "I believe one issue that would carry me to victory... I would give the people of America to their first opportunity to elect a president who doesn't belong to either party, since George Washington."

"Who's on the horizon?" he continued. "I hear we're going to get Hillary and Jeb Bush. Gee, I guess we're now in England, aren't we?"

Classic Jesse -- colorful in more ways than one.

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