Jesse Ventura Once Took Gov. Pawlenty for a Speeding Joy Ride Down I-94

Jesse "The Body" and T-Paw out for a spin

Jesse "The Body" and T-Paw out for a spin

Ex-Minnesota governor turned banking lobbyist Tim Pawlenty returned to his home state Friday for a Q & A session with his former political ally Steve Sviggum, who now teaches at the U of M.

Most of the event was only interesting to hardcore politicos and Republicans nostalgic for the days when they actually held a statewide office, but Pawlenty did drop one interesting nugget we're calling "Joyriding with Jesse."

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So Ventura rolls up to the governor's mansion in his new Porsche and "buries the needle" in the middle of one of the busiest stretches of highway in Minnesota, all while conducting a heart-to-heart with T-Paw.

Then he goes and brags about it on Jay Leno later. Whatever you think of Jesse, you can't deny he's had one hell of an interesting life.

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