Jesse Ventura loves puns, doesn't like Democrats, Republicans, or third parties

Though he doesn't like the GOP, Jesse says he would consider being Ron Paul's VP candidate.
Though he doesn't like the GOP, Jesse says he would consider being Ron Paul's VP candidate.

Jesse Ventura's latest book -- "DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans" -- hits stores today.

If the title of the book isn't direct enough for you, excerpts make it clear that the former governor still has a distaste for Democrats and Republicans. Jesse writes that he has "electile dysfunction," which he defines as "the inability to become aroused over any of the choices for president put forth by either party in the 2012 election year."

Regarding the title's gang connotations, Ventura writes that America's two parties have "created a system based upon bribery. Today, Wall Street owns our politicians, no matter which party (gang) it is -- their allegiance is to the corporations and big business." That sounds like familiar Ventura-speak, but new in "DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans" (ghostwritten by longtime collaborator Dick Russell) is Jesse's distaste for third parties.

In an interview with the Pioneer Press, Ventura explained his reasons for giving up on all organized political parties:

It became apparent to me that the only way a third party is going to survive is they have to corrupt themselves also, because the mainstream media won't give them a chance because they're beholden to the two parties and the two-party system. So if a third party is going to survive, they have to take the bribes -- they call them campaign donations, but it's bribery. They would have to get down in the mud with the pigs. They would become just as corrupt.

'Getting down with the pigs' is what happened to the Tea Party, Ventura explained. "Supporters of the tea party are -- whether they're aware of it or not -- snorting Koch," he writes in his new book, using another pun to make light of how right-wing billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch have co-opted the at-one-time promising movement.

So what's Ventura's solution? A so-called "no party system" where party affiliations wouldn't appear next to candidate names on ballots, effectively making all elections nonpartisan. He may be 60, but The Body clearly hasn't grown too old for idealism.

During his PiPress interview, Jesse also expressed support for the Occupy movement, saying that while the media has portrayed Occupy activists as dirty hippies, their effort to get Wall Street money out of politics is near and dear to his heart.

If you're interested to buy "DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans" and meet Minnesota's most famous wrestler-turned-politician, Jeese has book signings coming up at Barnes & Noble stores in Rochester on June 18 and in Roseville on June 21.

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