Jesse Ventura invades WCCO newsroom

Apparently Jesse Ventura hasn't quite gotten over his beef with the Transportation Security Administration.

Just last week, a judge tossed out Ventura's fourth amendment lawsuit against TSA, which alleged that pat-downs and body scans violated our constitutional rights.

Now he's invading the WCCO newsroom, lecturing reporters on the dangerous practices of TSA.

WCCO producer Greg Litman tweeted out a photo this afternoon of everyone's favorite former governor giving anchor Mark Rosen a lesson on civil liberties. Here's a screenshot:

Jesse Ventura telling anchor Mark Rosen about the dangers of TSA.
Jesse Ventura telling anchor Mark Rosen about the dangers of TSA.
Screenshot of a tweet from Greg Litman.

We're all a little confused on why Ventura chose to lecture the sports director. But then again, who are we really to question why Jesse does the things he does?

Here's Rosen's explanation as to what's going on in the photo:

Never a dull moment in our newsroom. Jesse Ventura stopped by to emphasize how the TSA has taken away our rights! He's not happy
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With Jesse Ventura, never a dull moment indeed.

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