Jesse Ventura got his ass kicked in a California bar, fellow SEAL says

Jesse alleges a fellow SEAL is defaming him by claiming he kicked The Body's ass during a bar fight.
Jesse alleges a fellow SEAL is defaming him by claiming he kicked The Body's ass during a bar fight.

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Jesse Ventura is an ex-Navy SEAL, pro wrasslin' tough guy. So it makes sense he's none too happy about a fellow SEAL's claim that he kicked The Body's ass in a California bar.

Ex-sniper Chris Kyle recently published "American Sniper," a memoir looking back at his military career and some of the relationships he developed along the way. In one particularly interesting passage, he details a September 2006 bar encounter he had with Ventura, who Kyle calls "Scruff Face," during a funeral for a fellow SEAL who died in Iraq.

From the Pioneer Press:

Kyle never names Ventura but describes "Scruff Face" in ways Ventura contends a reader could easily surmise was him: he was an "older" UDT member who had served during Vietnam, he had become a "celebrity," he was disdainful of the government, he was moving to Mexico and he thought the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were a conspiracy.

He described "Scruff Face" as boorish and loud and "running his mouth about the war and everything and anything he could connect to it."

Kyle wrote that he and the others tolerated the man as long as they could, until Kyle finally told him to "cool it" because they were mourning a comrade.

"'You deserve to lose a few,' he told me. Then he bowed up as if to belt me," the book goes on.

He claims "Scruff Face" took a swing at him.

"Being level-headed and calm can only last so long. I laid him out," Kyle wrote. "Tables flew. Stuff happened. Scruff Face ended up on the floor."

Ventura is so upset over that passage, he's sued Kyle in federal court for defamation, misappropriation of his likeness, and unjust enrichment. The suit says "The entire story about a confrontation with and physical assault and battery of Governor Ventura was false and defamatory." A judge is scheduled to hear arguments on October 10.

But Kyle isn't backing down. In a motion filed Tuesday, eight eyewitnesses provide sworn statements corroborating different parts of Kyle's account of his throwdown with Minnesota's ex-guv.

In one of them, SEAL Jeremiah Dinnell says Ventura was "being a jackass."

"That's when Chris punched him," Dinnell wrote. "All of us wanted to. Chris was just the first one to pop him."

In the Capitol, at bars, or in the squared-circle -- no matter the context, Jesse is apparently just a tough guy to get along with.

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