Jesse Ventura endorses Tom Horner for governor


Jesse Ventura shocked Minnesota, and launched a million late-night TV jokes, when he made the leap from the pro wrestling ring to the governor's mansion in the 1998.

Now he's passing the feather boa to a new independent. He's endorsed Tom Horner for governor.

"I urge people if they truly want change, it's in their power, shock the world again. Vote Tom Horner in as governor," he told the Pioneer Press.

"That will have a much bigger effect than electing a Democrat or Republican. If you elect a Democrat or Republican, you're just going along with the status quo, business as usual."

Horner needs all the help he can get. The Independence Party candidate hasn't come close to Democrat Mark Dayton and Republican Tom Emmer in the polls. Just today, Rasmussen found he had a paltry 10 percent support among voters.

Jesse, who ran on the Reform Party ticket after a stint as the mayor of Brooklyn Park and a career in the ring, said he plans to vote in Minnesota on Election Day before decamping for his Baja hideaway for the winter.

The Jesse Ventura File:

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