Jesse Ventura: "Coleman's always been a hypocrite"


Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura appeared on CNN's Larry King Live to talk about President Obama, the GOP, and the Minnesota U.S. Senate race.

No surprise: Ventura didn't hold back on anything, calling Coleman a hypocrite, George W. Bush the worst president of his lifetime and then offering to waterboard Dick Cheney. He even made a pitch to be appointed ambassador to Cuba.

Watch the clips below.

King asked Ventura if he was ashamed of his state's recount process, but Ventura was quick to point the blame at Coleman for continuing to drag out the election. Ventura beat Coleman in his race for governor in 1998.
"He never does what he says. He said on Election Night when he won that Franken should drop out and he should be the senator. Well, the same should hold true after the recount."
King also discusses interrogation techniques with Ventura. The former guv says he has been waterboarded as part of his military training and called it torture.
"It's drowning. It gives you the complete sensation that you are drowning... I'll put it to you this way: You give me a waterboard, Dick Cheney and one hour, and I'll have him confess to the Sharon Tate murders."
Cheney waterboard: 2:30

Minnesota U.S. Senate race: 5:20

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