Jesse Ventura calls Minnesotans liars: Comment of the day

Ventura on TPT.

Ventura on TPT.

Jesse Ventura is pissed off that Independence Party candidate Tom Horner barely attracted any votes on Election Day.

And when he was interviewed by TPT's Mary Lahammer about Democrat Mark Dayton preparing to take over the governor's office from Republican Tim Pawlenty, he lashed out at Minnesotans.


Here's what he said:

Minnesotans are all liars. Polls state that over 40 percent of us claim to be independent, correct? But this year we offered a viable independent candidate who was endorsed by three former governors, a U.S. Senator, every major newspaper in the state. But yet only 12 percent of Minnesotans [voted for Tom Horner].

Commenter "healars" found the assertion preposterous:

I love how his rationale was that people shouldn't have allegiance to either the Democratic or the Republican parties...but that these "independents" are liars for their failure to demonstrate allegiance to the Independence Party. Frankly, the entire interview gave me a headache. It's bizarre, from a purely visual perspective, to see someone so large acting like a petulant child. As for the inevitable comments that this was taken out of context, I say, "HA HA HA." This is what he said and what he was talking about in the interview.

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