Jesse Ventura battles The View's Hasselbeck, calls waterboarding torture


Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura has found his talking point that's grabbing headlines and getting people talking. As part of his nationwide book promotion tour, Ventura appeared on ABC's The View and got into a heated debate with token-Republican Elisabeth Hasselbeck about the United State's torture policy and the use of waterboarding on suspects.

Let's just say Ventura destroyed Hasselbeck on her own show. He repeated his belief that waterboarding is torture and danced around her defensive arguing like it was a joke.

When Hasselbeck continued to claim that waterboarding was an acceptable method of interrogation, Ventura asked her, "If waterboarding is OK, why can't we let our police do it?" Ventura said we should have used similar methods on the Oklahoma City bombers to ensure all those involved were caught. He then continued: "It only seems we waterboard Muslims."

Ventura made similar comments last week on Larry King Live where he offered to waterboard former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Check out the amazing debate below.

Watch the full interview here: